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- Can the La Nature pads be washed in the washing machine?

Yes, they can be washed in the washing machine. Launder the facial pads in the supplied La Nature mesh laundry bag with your normal load on a warm wash ( up to 40°C, 104°F ) with like colours and leave to dry naturally. 

 - Should I wash my La Nature pads before using them for the first time?

Washing your pads before using them can be a good idea - just like with new sheets and towels they will feel softer, and will absorb better on the face. The pads will reach their maximum absorbency after about 3-4 washes.  It's absolutely fine if you decide to use them right out of the packet though.

- Can La Nature pads be used to remove waterproof mascara?  

Yes, the bamboo terry fabric (rayon terry from the bamboo) is super absorbent, just let your favourite choice of makeup remover sink into the pad for a few seconds before you begin your usual evening routine.

- How many layers does each La Nature pad have?

Each La Nature makeup remover pad is made up of two layers of incredibly soft, absorbent and unbleached bamboo terry (rayon terry from the bamboo), perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas around the lips and eyes.

The pads have one thicker, more absorbent side, which is best used with a cream or oil-based product to remove foundation. The other side is thinner, smoother side, better used for removing eye makeup with your favourite remover.

- How many pads do I get?

Our set includes either 8 or 16 reusable facial rounds - one or two for each day of the week and some extra for a laundry day! 

- What size are the pads?

The pads measure approximately 8 cm (3") in diameter.

- How easy do stains come out? What is the best way to keep my La Nature pads clean and prevent staining with heavy mascara or foundation?

Quick rinse excess makeup and rub a bit of hand soap into the stains immediately after face cleansing,  then put the pads in a mesh laundry bag and into the washing machine with no stain remover and the stains come out. 

- Can I use fabric softener when I wash the pads?

Washing without fabric softener will keep the rounds at their maximum absorbency and the fabric will get softer and more absorbent with each wash.

- What fabric material are these made from?

The pads are made from bamboo terry (rayon from the bamboo). 

- Can I use coconut oil in the pads to remove makeup?

La Nature reusable makeup remover pads and coconut oil is a match made in heaven! Coconut oil isn't just an excellent body moisturizer, it's also a fantastic makeup remover.

Is it ok to remove nail polish with La Nature pads? Will they come clean?

We would not recommend using our pads to remove nail polish.  Even if you wash them under the tap while they are still wet, nail polish will definitely stain the delicate bamboo pad and you wouldn't want to then use it on your face.

- How many washes can I do before I need to recycle them?

This depends on how often you use and wash them. La Nature reusable pads are designed to last up to 300 washes.

- Do these arrive in recyclable packaging?

 Yes, all packaging that La Nature pads come in is 100% recyclable.

- Can I put my La Nature pads in the drier?

We recommend to air dry them naturally. It keeps their shape better, but if you've accidentally put your pads in the drier, no problem at all, they will still be effective and usable.

- Where is the product manufactured?

Our product was designed in the UK and is manufactured in China - one of the main bamboo producing countries, along with South Korea and Japan.  

Once in the UK, we thoroughly inspect each pad and carefully prepare every bundle to ensure the highest standard of our product.


- What is the hair turban towel made of?

The hair turban towel is made of organic cotton terry towelling.  The heart shaped buttons are made form coconut shell.

- Can I put the hair towel in the tumble drier?

 Yes, it comes out nice and fluffy. 

- How well does it stay on?

The hair turban towel stays on really well thanks to the elasticated loop and the two heart shaped buttons at the back.  It doesn't fall off and it leaves your hands free, perfect for when you want to wash your face or put on make up.

- Would this hair towel work with short hair?

Yes, the hair towel works well with all types of hair. 

- Does it have an elasticated or a fixed loop?

The hair turban towel has a double stitched elasticated loop at the back for a secure and comfortable fit. 

- Where is it made?

The hair turban towel was designed and tested in the UK and is manufactured in China. 


- Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide!  All prices listed on our website automatically convert to the currency used in your location.  If you are ordering from outside the UK, exchange rates are determined by your credit card company and the amount charged will be based on the exchange rate between GBP and your country's currency at the time of purchase.

- When will my order ship?

After your payment is verified, it takes up to 48 hours to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. Purchases made after 9 am BST will not be shipped out until the next business day. If you order after 9 am BST on a Friday, your order will likely be shipped out on the following Monday.

- I need to change something on my order. How can I do that?

If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us straight away. Once we have processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes.

- What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. Additionally, we accept JCB, Discover, and Diners Club debit cards in the United States. We also accept Apple and Google Pay on supported devices.  

- Will I be charged an import duty if I live outside the UK?

La Nature Store is not responsible for import duties that are at the discretion of each country. Please check with your country's postal service for taxes applicable in your country.


- Do you accept returns?

We are happy to accept returns so long as you notify us in advance and the product is returned to us in a saleable condition within 14 days of receipt. Sorry, but we are unable to refund shipping costs.