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About Us



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Tired of the volume of disposable makeup remover rounds that is tossed into the bin every day, we set out to create an environment-friendly brand - La Nature ®.  Hard work, personal savings and the belief that everyone can do their bit for the environment got us off the ground.


Through social media, our brand and belief are growing globally, along with our young company. Today, many environmentally conscious people trust La Nature's ® reusable makeup remover pads to be part of their evening skincare routine.


Thank you so much for visiting our store, by doing so, you are making a deliberate decision to try and make this world a better, cleaner place and to have a future we could all look forward to.





La Nature Reusable Makeup Remover Pads And Organic Cotton Hair Turban Towel - La Nature Store

La Nature® Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

La Nature ® delivers premium sustainably sourced makeup remover pads designed and tested in the UK.  Using ultra soft and absorbent rayon from bamboo and modern manufacturing, we try to make a product that changes the way you think about reusable makeup remover pads.
We’re so confident you’ll love what we do that we offer a money back guarantee on our pads, plus worldwide shipping!


La Nature® Organic Cotton Hair Turban Towel

Inspired by our trip to Bali, Indonesia, the country built upon the idea of an island paradise we tried to make a hair turban towel that is crafted from natural materials and is suitable for everyday wear.  Having gone through multiple fabrics and dozens of design iterations we have made a long-lasting luxury product that offers a quick, easy and stylish way to dry your hair.




La Nature ® - a small, family run business was founded in 2018 with a goal in mind - to challenge a typical makeup removal routine and to encourage more and more women around the world to decrease their ecological footprint by switching to sustainable, zero-waste makeup remover pads.