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Press Coverage


"UK small brand La Nature was founded by Anna and her husband in 2018 when they got tired of all the disposable toiletries they were throwing away and wanted to make a difference. Using one of these can save on average 300 disposable cotton pads. Made from natural bamboo-derived rayon fabric, they are more absorbent than cotton or hemp and are chemical and dye-free. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic and the plant is fast-growing and biodegradable so these can be put on the compost heap when they wear out. They come with a brilliant free recipe book for five natural makeup removers (e.g. banana and soya milk) that you can make yourself, further helping the planet and your body."


"Independent UK brand La Nature® focuses on producing reusable make-up removal pads, allowing the beauty routine to be lengthened. These unbleached, soft and absorbent pads can be ordered in bundles of eight or 16, which comes with a laundry bag and travel pouch, everything you need to keep your reusable remover pads long lasting and money saving. They feel so soft and work perfectly even for delicate areas like lips and eyes. "